ISLAND  for  SALE - Caribbean Nicaragua
   BOCAL Island - 2.5 acres for $560,000
Now On Sale for $350,000
$70,000 downpayment, remaining $280,000 Owner Financing  - Offer expires Jan 31, 2021

A. Visit
4101. North East Views
Monkey Point

4401.  Bocal island- South and East side  
4011. Cement pathway
East views
4005.  House
4009.  Sunset
North view -  the Palmeto cays
4020.  Pier
West side
4403. The beach
and the pier

4012.  North views
cement path
4007.  Pool views
4523. The island

4017.  Steps to the water

3309.  South
Path along the water
4015.  Looking East
4010. Macherel
caught with our gill net 
3029.  Island
North Side
4570.  Pool
Has a new Roof
4571.  Bocal island
Distant view
4572. House Roof

3054.  Visitors
Arriving at Pier
4008.  House - View from the pool

4003.  Main house
West side
4013.  Path
4104. South Views

3202.  West
Tile Roof Rancho
4022. East
Cement Path
4100. Railing and pathway
East views
4105. A rainy day !
See Booby cay at the back
4102. Main house

4103 Caretaker house
Electric generator house
4006.  House


4123. West Views
4001.  Generator house
Caretaker house at the back

4120. Pool
North East Views

4402. The Pier
West side
4404.  Generator house
Caretaker house at the back

4121. The Island
East and South Side
   B. Visit
3901.  The island

3902.  Visitors
Boat Trip begins
4108.  Souith
railway and path
3905.  House
4107.  East View - from the pool
4106.  North View - Island top

3315.  South
Around the island
      C. Visit
4201.  Visitors
pool views West
4202. Visitors - Sand beach
 in front of the island
4203. Cement pathway
 East views
4302. Caretakers cleaning the  island

4204.  Visitors
Looking south
4205.  Visitors
Bluefields to the Island
4207.  West Views
4206. Visitors
Top of Hill in front
of the island
D. Visit
4309. Visitors
on the pool
4316. Visitors
take a swim
4308. Visitors -
North views
4313.  Visitors
swim at nearby bay

4209. North views
see the mainland
4310.  Visitors
walking around

E. Visit
4521. Steps to the beach

4528. Visitors-Views
4526. Fresh fish - for lunch
3412.  West
Beach - Views
3804. Island Vegetation

4525. Visitors
4527. Hammocks
4529. Beer time

F. Visit
4502. Visitors- arrive
4503. Visitors
Pool - enjoy the sun

4522. North side
Cement pathways
4506. Visitors
4504. Caretakers house

4507. Visitors -
Chat on pier

4505. Visitors
take pics at pier
4509. Visitors

4508. Visitors
Lunch time
4510. Visitors -
Pier and boat
G. Visit
4550. Visitors
Cooking for themselves
4551. Visitors -
4552. Visitors
4555. Visitors - at the Pier

4554. Visitors -
Lunch time
4562. Water tanks
Water Tower
4558.  Boat
passing by
4553. Visitors

4556. Visitors
Main island stairway
4557. North views -
Picnic table
4560. House
Views and nice breeze

East side

H. Visit
3102.  House
West Side
3214.  East
Water Fountain
2649.  West
Pier and Ladder
3103.  House
Living Room
3605.  Pool Cover

3220.  South
Water Pathway

3101.  Palms
Fence -  East
3505.  Visitors
Sun-tan at the Pool
I. Visit
3406.  West
Beach and Pier
3317.  South
Path around the island
3507.  House
At Night
3308.  South
3501.  Pool
At Night
3403.  House
3208.  House
3805.  R44 Helicopter
 Can be rented at the 
 Managua Intl Airport
2205. South
Ladder to the water

3205.  Jack Cervalle
Caught around the island
3515.  Lights on PalmTrees

3310.  North
Steps to the water
J. Visit
1333.  Bath Sink
3306.  South
Steps to the Water
2711.  House
Living Room - Kitchen
3047.  Pool
West Side
2637.  East
Water Fountain
2502.  Water system
Has ten 2500 Liter tanks
3312.  East -Stairs
3210.  Fresh Mackerel
Caught around the island
with our gill net

2221.  House - South side
Roof- Water Collection System
1401.  Pier -West side
2705.  House- Room
3213.  Center
Caretakers House
3305.  South
Path around the island
2707.  House

K. Visit

4311. Visitors
resting on a hammock
2703.  House
West Side
3504.  Visitors
Lunch Time
3212.  West
White sand beach
See Booby cay on the back

3104. House-
2507.  North side
Cement Pathway
3050.  South
Ladders - Visitors
3307.  South
Steps to the water
3204. Pier-Cargo Boat
unloading material
3510.  Visitors
3040.  Visitors
3314.  South-West
Around the island
2639.  Pool
East Side

2206.  Ladder to the water
South side

4121. South and East side

3029. The Island - North Side

0. Summary (BOCAL island) 
Laying on the Caribbean Sea, Bocal island is an enchanting combination of tropical climate, blue crystal clear water, fresh breeze, and coconut trees
1. Price includes:

1) A furnished 2 bedroom reinforced concrete Guest House (North side) equipped with two electric power plants (generators), solar energy, a sewer (septic) system, a  water system (rain water, water, tower water tanks). Has a refrigerator, gas for cooking, 2 double beds, tables, chairs, etc.
A small concrete caretaker house (east side).
3) An Infinite pool with panoramic views.
4) A cement pier (dock) on the West side     ** Island has a nice white sand beach **

With an appearance of HAWAIAN island, but with a lot better price, this island property
is loacted  1hr 15 min South of Bluefields by boat, in the  Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.
It is located only 200 meters  from the mainland.

3. ALL Neighbouring  ISLANDS are SOLD !!!
A rare opportunity since all the private islands in the area have
 already been sold.
Year 2005
 Guano Island   (Cayo Guano) was sold to a couple from Texas.
Year 2004 
Frenchman  Island (Cayo Frenchman) was sold to a family from Washington DC.
Year 2003 
Pigeon Island   (Cayo Pigeon) was sold to 2 americans from Oregon..
Bocal island is located 10 miles south of Frenchman island

4. The Boat Trip
Nicaraguan Map,  showing  the Boat Trip from  BLUEFIELDS to BOCAL Island.
See 3 neighboring islands already sold to ex-patriots

 Island (Cayo Bocal -  Is AVAILABLE !!

Current Owners are not an Americans or European expartriates that bought from a local and asks two or three times what he paid for.
Owners are local Nicaraguans, they are not wealthy and are selling for a very reasobnable price.
They do not have the funds to do the repairs either. So that is why they lowered the price significantly.👍

The total price for the  island with everything on it, houses etc is now reduced from $560,000 to US$ 350,000.
Price is reduced due to extensive repais needed on the island

All wooden parts need to be redone. Doors, windows and kitchen closets. The concrete walls and roof are Ok.
Septic and water system are Ok. 
Electrical internal wiring is Ok, may.have to change switches and elec. outlets.
Cost to redo all of the above, and repaint may be less than $20k.
We can do construction repairs needed ourselves, 
So if you purchase, we can get the manager Mr Nestor Matus and the same workers that constructed the island originally to do these repairs for you.

Owner financing up to
of the purchase price.
That means that the buyer makes a $70,000 downpayment,  that is 20% of the total price of $350,000.

The remaining debt of $280,000 can be paid in affordable monthly payments at  4% annual  interest rate.
For example:
if you pay in 5 years at 4% - that is 60 monthly payments of $5156.
If you pay in 10 years your montly mortgage payment is $2835 etc...

Here is Loan Calculator an EXCEL worksheet that is easy to use.

Click the table below to start the Loan Calculator program


A Price Discount is possible for an ALL CASH payment.
Price is negotiable. All offers are accepted.
Broker participation welcome.

8. Closing - Fees
Closing, Legal, Land Transfer fees (to your name),  under $3K in Total.
Takes about 10 days (max) to close


    9.   Bocal  Island - LAND SURVEY
             (To scale & PRECISE)


      10.  Bocal  Island
              Easy to read Map


11. Nautical Map -
      Bocal Island

 12.  Bocal  Island  -  Development  Plan

Building a house is optional. We work with several builders and can help you build the house you like. You can provide the blueprints or we can do that for you.
Cost of
Concrete Houses  at $40-50 per square foot or $ 400-500 per square meter.
900 sq ft Economy
Wooden (Cabin style) houses with 2 rooms
for 4 people with small generator, septic, well water, pier kitchen, refrigerator etc, furnished all complete, turn key, starting at US$36,000. That is $40 per square foot  or $ 400 per square meter. 

Sample Houses 

Dolphin  in front of  a
neighbouring island

Sample Pier & boat

 14. Location - Coordinates - Satellite photos
The island is located approximately 200 meters from the closest shore (mainland).
Island Coordinates :  Lat  11deg 33' North,  Long  83 deg 43' West
Island is located about 25 miles South of Bluefields,  ( a 1 hr 15 min boat ride )




0032A New -  BING MAPS Satellite  photo


0032B New -  BING MAPS  Satellite  photo


Highest point
Island highest point is 40 feet or 12 meters.
Guest house at the highest point at 40 feet or 12 meters.


The town of Bluefields can be reached by air in about 50 min from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. 
It has a population of 50,000 English speaking people and a very relaxed and easy way of life

Bluefields Pier 

Maypole festival 

Every night is party night during May in Bluefields. The Maypole festival includes costumed dancers, steel drums, loudspeakers. 
People dance around the maypole tree, a tradition that started in Jamaica. All the energy of Carnival is revived between the 6-16 of October, 
and that is also the birthday of Bluefields. 
Do not forget to try the "Flor de cana" (Flower of the sugar cane) the Nicaraguan rum. 
It is one of the best and relatively inexpensive (US$ 5-6 for a big bottle). 
The coconut bread is excellent and you can take it with you, it stays fresh for long.

  16 a - General Info

3-08.  Man O War birds
always fly over the island


3-03.  Jack Crevalle

3-01.  Always plenty fish around the island
An Amberjack?
3-02.  Hawksbill Turtles
Nest once a year

3- 13.  Newly born Hawsksbill turtles

3-22.  Man O War birds
or Frigate birds


3-21.  Pelicans live around the island

 3-09.  Pelican

3-12.  A Little Humming bird
3-10.  Coral fish
3-25.  Colorful Coral

3-14.  Coral fish
3-07.  Soldier Crab

3-24.  Parrot Fish

3-23.  White Sand Crab

3-20.  Bluefields Farmer Market

3-06.  White Faced Monkey

3-15.  A Full Moon night at the island


16 a - Appliance & Furniture Stores

3907. "Radio Shack"

3902. "La Curacao"

3900. "La Curacao"

3904. "El Gallo"

3905. "El Gallo"

3906. "El Gallo"

3908. "El Verdugo"

                   3968. "El Verdugo" 

3909. "El Verdugo"

3912. "Almacenes Tropicas"

3911. "Almacenes Tropicas"

3913. "Almacenes Tropicas"


16 b - Hotels 
Caribbean Dream
 $25/ night
3932. Hotel 
Casa Royale
 $80/ night

3954. Hotel & Casino
$90/ night

16 c - Hardware stores

3953. Hardware store

3952. Hardware store

3970. Hardware Store
16 d - Restaurants
3960. Restaurant
"La Loma"
Panoramic Bay View

3961. Restaurant
"La Loma"
3962. Restaurant
"La Loma"
3963. Restaurant
3964. Restaurant
3965. Restaurant
3966. Restaurant
"Pelican Bay"
3914. Restaurant
"Pelican Bay"
3967. Restaurant
"Pelican Bay"
16 e - Supermarkets
3957. Supermarket
3956. Supermarket
3958. Supermarket

3955. Supermarket



17. Nicaragua map  - See  BOCAL island location below

The island offers crystal blue water for swimming or snorkeling. The future owner can enjoy world class fishing for jack, mackerel, tarpon, snook, yellowtail snapper, kingfish, baracuda, go deeper for sportfishing (blue marlin) or simply relax under the shade and tranquility of the coconut trees. There is a lot of bird watching on the island !

3981. Fish speared by visitors
on near by reef.
Red snapper, Rock fish, Tarpon

3980. Fish speared by visitors
on near by reef.
Red snapper, Rock fish, Tarpon

There is a 2 kilometer white sand beach on the mainland about 200 meters from the island. You can swim or kayak there.
Several Americans and a German American have bought these beachfronts but the beach itself, that is from the water line about 25 meters where the grass and soil begins, is public so you can also enjoy it anytime !
Here are some pics of it.... It is just gorgeous pure fine white sand.

3801. White Sand Beach
located 200 meters in front of the island
The Island is just on the other side of this peninsula.
3802.  White Sand Beach
located 200 meters in front of the island
3803.  White Sand Beach
located 200 meters in front of the island

The surrounding area of this Caribbean property is a low populated area best suited for ecotourism trips. The area is full of lush vegetation, rivers and a variety of animals and birds like parrots, monkeys, ocelots and deer. There is a lot of deer in the area, and hunting is also permitted.

During your visit we can walk behind beach shown  above on pic 3802. There is a preety path you can take to  see the forest
Also we can climb the peninsula shown above in pic 3801. It has beautiful views of the ocean and the area. 
The Island is just on the other side of this peninsula so you can see the island from above.

21. Snorkel- Reef trip
        West - White sand beach - See Booby cay on the back
Also we can take you to visit Booby cay that is just 10 min with the boat and can be seen from our island.
There you can also snorkel and see the reef. There is also a reef on the Northeast side of Frenchman island, about 15 min from the island by boat.

22. LEGAL  

This property is located in the Autonomous Atlantic Region of Nicaragua (Caribbean sea).
According to the Nicaraguan law, a Non-Nicaraguan:
   * can acquire property in Nicaragua, like a Nicaraguan citizen
   * can start a company and can acquire the property through that company.

In addition, for persons interested, it is very easy to become a permanent resident of Nicaragua. It takes approximately one year.
See abstracts from the US Embassy report at our site:

23. Can I become PERMANENT RESIDENT of Nicaragua ? 
It is very easy to become a permanent resident of Nicaragua. It takes approximately one year.
After you buy a property that can be used as your investment and you become a resident as an investor.
For more info see :

24. Do I have to become RESIDENT to stay in Nicaragua ?
No. If you are not, or do not want to be, a Nicaraguan Permanent Resident :
All you do is to go to any Immigration office (there is one in Bluefields) and extend your tourist visa for 3 or 6 months.
We have clients that live in Nicaragua that have been doing that for years.
Pay a small fee and get a tourist visa for six or three months in less than an hour...

25. What are the types of ownership in Nicaragua ?
               Here are the 4 types of Ownership in Nicaragua
Possesion rights  is what they call in the US  ”squatter rights”. Mostly locals use that. This ownership is  not registered in the land registry or in any registry.  After you hold the land for many years you file a claim with the governmnent through the local court and they may-or may not, give you title to the land. Some people also  compare this to the ”homestead” that used to exist many years ago in the US.
You have to prove continuous use of the land 10 or 30 years to apply for title, depending on the case.

It is given to you by the local authority, mostly the county or the city.
This is a short lease usually for 5 years max. People mostly use these leases to put restaurants on the beach  like crab shacks or make simple thatch roof/wood structures just to rent surfing boards etc. People normally are not building any expensive structures with these leases. That is because , the lease will expire in 5 years , and the  government will ask you to clean the place and bring it to its original state at the end of the lease. The renewal is not sure either.

In this case there is a title that a private party has and you are just leasing from another private party. It is like a long term rent. In this case some ex-patriots may just prefer to buy the existing tile.

The best and most expenive. This is the only form of ownership that is recorded on the Registry of land.

26 . Bocal TITLE - Fee Simple with NO Liens
The island is not a Leasehold.
It has a Fee Simple Title with no Liens
The island has been owned two times already, since its first original title.

After you visit us, the owners attorney will take you to the Registry of Land in Bluefields where the original title is held.
There you can verify the title yourself, at no cost to you.
 You can ask the people that work on the Public Land Registry in Bluefields to verify the title for you.
The state employees do that for you for free, and they all speak English.
When you read the title it tells you the property location, its size and who the owner is. Also you can see if there is any lien on the property. The property is free of any liens. Right there they can also issue you a Non Lien Certificate document if you need to.
With that document the property is ready to be sold, since there is no debt or any lien on the property.

27. Property tax or other yearly costs. 
Yearly property tax is $300, no other fees exist.


As discussed above, the area in not subject to any kind of zoning restriction. Properties can be used as private residences, resorts of any kind, or businesses. The local government is supportive of any kind of residential or commercial development.

29. So.. Can I construct ?  
Several investors from US, and Europe have bought properties in the area and have already constructed houses, and piers in neighbouring properties.
Construction labor is really inexpensive and can be done fast and without bureaucracy.
Cost is about $40-50 per square foot, (or $400-$500 per square meter) that is nice concrete (cement) construction than includes everything, water, sewage,electicity.
For construction samples and prices look at :

30. NATURAL  PORTS -  Piers  
There is a natural landing point. It is located to the West side. That side is always protected from winds.
The landing point has its own pier and can
accommodate  boats with up to 6 foot draft. Pier is 2.5 meters wide by 11 meters Long. That is 6 feet wide by 25 feet long

31. What is the cost to get construction supplies to the island ?
ie lumber, concrete bags etc

 3204. Bigger Cargo Boat 
with construction material
400 per trip
  3201. Big Cargo Boat 
with plants

4573. Smaller Boat 
with household material 
$200 per trip 

Cargo boats can carry about 15-20 cubic feet of supplies per trip. The cost for a cargo boat trip from Bluefields to the island and back including the fuel and the  captain and helpers that will help you load and unload, is about $400. Materials are bought in Bluefields and delivered to the island .

. Caretakers

We have a caretaker and his wife that stay permanent on the island. They are employees and have no squatter rights. They keep the area clean, cut the grass etc.

They are optional. If the future owner wants to change them or replace them all that is needed, according to Nicaraguan law, is a months notice.
The combined salary of the caretakers including their food is a total of only $250 per month.

33. Manager

There is also an island manager that works part time. He lives in Bluefields. His duties are to pay the caretaker, and arrange all the island  trips. His salary is about $100 a month.

. What is the  MONTHLY MAINTENANCE  COST  for the island and its current facilities?
It is about $350 per month for the caretaker and the manager together, as explained above.
Also the $300 per year property tax that is paid to the government.

The 2 houses, the pool and the pier are reinforced concrete (not wood) so they require very little maintenance.
You can paint every 2-3 years or so as you wish. It costs under $2000 to repaint the whole island, that is the houses, pool, pier, pathways etc.


Dry season is from April  to May. There is also dry season during September.
The rainy season is from June to August.
During the rest of the year there are showers followed by sunshine within the same day.
 Average temperature is about 78 deg F (25 deg C) all year around. 
For temperature and rainfall data see:

The Caribbean part is a lot cooler and not as dry as the Pacific side of Nicaragua
This comfortable climate is the reason why most expatriots prefer this side of the country.
In Caribbean Nicaragua, especially in beachfronts and islands, there is always a nice breeze.
Also you get enough rain so it does not feel dry.
The area is green all year around, even in the dry season.
Here are some data about Bluefields weather

 of the ATLANTIC (Caribbean) COAST 
The "Atlantic coast" includes most of the surface of Nicaragua, but only a small fraction of its population. Miskitos, Sumus, and Ramas descended from the Indians who first inhabited these lands, live here mixed with escaped slaves from the British. Caribbean Nicaragua was never a Spanish dominion, except in theory. English traders provided gunpowder and tools to the Miskito, Sumu and Rama and set up trading posts along the lagoons and rivers. Although the British protectorate ended in 1862, English remains the principal language here and the Protestant religion is still dominant.


In the Caribbean coast the dominant church is the Moravian church which is a Protestant sect that was introduced in the days of the British. Roman Catholicism and other Protestant sects are also found in the Caribbean coast

38. P
People from the Atlantic are very friendly and easy to talk to. The area is very safe due to its low population and absence of guns. This Independent region has its own government and is a distance away from the politics of Managua. Here English is the main language (people also speak Spanish and Miskito) and the pace of life is slow and relaxing. An interesting mosaic of people peacefully coexists here. The majority is Miskito Indians mixed with Creoles, Garifuna, Rama and people from Nicaragua.

39. H
In the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, visitors and investors receive "preferential treatment" by the local people. This happens because local people, not only welcome foreign investment but they are also very hospitable. This is a very open-minded society, culturally diverse that welcomes visitors and potential investors.

40. W
hat  about  HURRICANES ?  
Unlike areas like South Florida and Bahamas, hurricanes in the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua are not very common . The last hurricane (Joan) hit Bluefields in 1988, but did not go through this island. Hurricane Mitch did not hit this area  either.  Hurricane and storm warnings are available through the radio. Also weather prediction service can be obtained from the airport in Managua and from Miami, of course.

Bocal island is outside the hurricane zone.

Hurricanes do not hit from 0 up to 12 deg north or south of the ecuator.
Island is south of the 12 deg paralel exactly
at Lat 11deg 53' North, so is safe from hurricanes.

41. Has the island ever been hit by hurricanes ?

From the height of the palm trees one can tell that they have been there standing tall for over 50 years, an undisputable proof that the island has never been hit by hurricanes.

42. Can the waves do HOUSE DAMAGE in case of a STORM ?
The houses are very safe because :
 A. The island is elevated about 12 meters from the water level.
 B. The houses are made of reinforced concrete so they can withstand storms.

43. What  about  HIGH - TIDE ?

In the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua the max. tide is only about 1-2 feet.
The tide is seasonal rather than daily. Max is 1-2 feet in the rainy season, that is from May to  December

44. Has there been any EROSION to the property ? 
The island is volcanic rock so it does not really erode. It is also covered with vegetation that keeps it stronger.

45. WINDS - Direction and  strength
The Pacific ocean has more currents and underwater currents.
The property is located on the Caribbean sea, that is a lot safer and calmer.
In all of Nicaragua the wind always come from North to South or from North East to South West.
There is a '' South wind ''' as they call it... but this is practically a day with “No wind”.
It does not last long, you get about 30-60 days of “No wind” a year.

Here is the info of the Winds according to Month

November, December, January - Stronger winds
February - Normal
March, April - Low winds
May up to August - Normal winds.
September - Low winds
October - Normal winds
Again this pattern is an average. A wind can come and go anytime.
But in general, early in the morning, the sea is calmer.

46. So..what is the BEST MONTH to VISIT ?
 You can visit anytime.
But April is the best month to visit. It is the dry season and the sea is calm
This is the best period, we are always booked for April, so make early arrangements.
If you miss the April visit, the
next  low wind, dry season, is on September.

47A. What  about  Insects, mosquitos etc ?

Bocal island has no stagnant water or mangroves so insects can not reproduce. The mosquitos have been eliminated and the island has no sand-flies. The nice breeze that goes through the island keeps it free from insects.

47B. Water currents around the island?
Normally the Pacific side has water currents.
The Caribbean side has no underwater currents.
Yes you can swim around the island. Our visitors do that.

47C.  Are there two little “islets” that come with the island and can you walk to them?

These are not part of the island. You can not walk there. You can swim or go with a boat.


In case of emergencies there is a hospital in Bluefields 1hr 15 minutes away from the island by boat.

 3923. Bluefields - Health Center

3924.  Bluefields - Hospital

3922.  Bluefields - Hospital

 3925. Bluefields Hospital


Capital city of Managua has many modern Hospitals at US standards such as :
"Hospital Vivian Pellas"

49a. How about Malaria or Dengue fever in the region ?   
Due to the existence of a vaccine, malaria has been eradicated long time ago from Nicaragua.
Yes there is dengue, that is a strong flu or fever that passes in a couple of days. There is no vaccine for dengue.
 There is never any stagnant water or mud on the island. This means that mosquitoes that may carry diseases can not breed on the island.
Also the constant nice breeze cleans all the bugs away from the island.

49b. Do I need any vaccinations to enter Nicaragua ?   
No vaccinations are required. If you like to vaccinate that is your choice.

50. HOW  OLD  is this ISLAND ? 

The oldest existing map of this island, is the one made by US Corps of engineers in 1920. The island is  known to be at least 200 years old.

51. Has  the  island  been  SURVEYED ? 
Yes, the island has been surveyed by a registered surveyor. See the survey at::

52. You have Drawings of the existing House ?
Also Electrical and Water System drawings ?
Yes, we do have detailed House drawings.
Here is the House drawing.

Here are the drawings of  the Water Supply system, Electrical system and the Gray water (Septic) system

 Water supply system

Electrical system


   Gray Water - Septic system


53. Solar Water Heater. Can I put one ? Cost ?

Solar Water Heater  200 Liters

Costs $1350 and $450 to install
Total Cost  installed, transportated etc $2000 

54. Can the House be extended ? What is the cost ?
The same construction company that built the house can also extend it. They are inexpensive and Local, of course you can use any other contractor you prefer.
Here is a drawing of the house extended 6 feet by 28 feet  to add a second bathroom. Or you can just increse the size of the rooms. The potential buyer (still interested) also quoted a solar water heater,and his wife added more cabinets on the kitchen. All these, with equipment bought, transported, installed to the island for a Total Cost US$17,000 !!.
(The Solar Water Heater cost of $2000 is included)
Here is the drawing and the quote ,just to give you an idea. We can quote any addition you want on the island.

55. HOUSE  INSURANCE - What is the Cost ?
Home or Building insurance (Fire,Theft, Hurricane, Vandalism etc) are provided by 5 companies. Cost is between $1000 - $2000 a year.
1. (from  LAFISE, )
2.  (MAPFRE Insurance)
3. (ASSA Insurance)
4.  (INISER is the only one run by the government, remaining 4 are all private )

56. Banks in Bluefields & Nicaragua
Bluefields has 3 banks
2. BANPRO bank (Banco de produccion)
3. CARUNA  Federal Credit Union
Other Nicaraguan Banks are :
4. BACCREDOMATIC bank (Banco de America Central Credomatic)

57. Cash (ATM) machines in Bluefields
Bluefields has 3 ATM or cash machine dispensers that you can take cash 24 hours.
1. Located outside LAFISE bank
2. Located outside BANPRO bank
3. Located In the main park outside the "Palacio" (that is the City Hall).

58. What about if I want to get more cash while I am in Nicaragua ?
If you are in Bluefields or anywhere you can go inside the bank LAFISE or BANPRO with your credit/debit card. You can debit your card the amount you want, as if you were doing a purchase.
There is no limit on the amount you can withdraw, the limit is the balance you have on your US or foreign account. They charge 2% for the service.


Satellite companies with coverage in Nicaragua are GLOBALSTAR and IRIDIUM.
See or
Satellite phones are about $549 to buy.
International phone calls from 60 cents to $1 per minute.
Can buy Prepaid cards or have regular monthly service with a contract.

You can buy the IRIDIUM phone in Managua, Nicaragua.
Or you can purchase (or rent) an IRIDIUM or a GLOBALSTAR  phone in the US and bring it.
Here is a US dealer that sells both GLOBALSTAR and IRIDIUM

Also you can buy a Kit that has phone and data (Internet).


Here is a company that gives you fast satelite internet at an affordable price.
If you rent the equipment you pay $330 a month and a $300 one time installation fee 
If you buy the equipment you pay $230 a month and a $2600 one time fee (installation and buy the equipment)
The equipment is a MODEM and an ANTENNA
see  or
WIFINIC has an office in Managua, Nicaragua and they can install the system for you on the island.
Or you can buy the system in the US and bring it with you.

If interested in more details see info below
p1-Internet-Rent            p2-Internet-Buy

p3-Phone-Buy               p4-Modem-Antenna
p5-ViaSat-SurfBeam    p6-SurfBeam-Info


After you have the Fast Internet Connection you can subscribe to a service like SKYPE and have unlimited International calls that you can make directly from your computer anywhere in the world.
see  or

Of course many Internet cafes are also available in Bluefields.
There you can use the Internet and make inexpensive International phone calls.

60. Satelite TV
Can be installed anywhere in Nicaragua .Cost is from $20 to $35 a month depending on amount of Channels. Basic gets about 40 channels.
Company is "SKY" ( used to be "Direct TV") they have subsidiaries in all Central America.


   Water system  -  Rain water is collected from the roof
   There are ten 2500 Liter tanks.


Rain Water is collected from the house roof and stored in 10 water tanks of capacity 2500 liters each. It takes about 2-3 hours to fill all 10 tanks. Normal water useage is about  1250 liters a day, or a tank is enough for 2 days for 2 people. So..With the tanks full you have water for about 20 days. But you get enough rain in between 20 days to fill them again. The rain water runs through a filter and is used for bathing, washing etc.

If one needs more water (which you do not need) all you do is add more water  tanks. There is enough rain to fill 10 more 2500 liter tanks in a couple of hours. 


Most locals drink the rain water with no problem. But for drinking purposes we buy purified bottled water in Bluefields. A 5 gal (25liters) small plastic water container costs about $2 to refill.

The presence of palm trees is a proof of fresh water under the surface at a depth of about 6 feet. Owner preferred the Rain water solution instead of the well water one for 2 reasons : Rain water is more economical to collect and is cleaner and easier to filtrate. Well water can become drinkable if treated through chlorination and filtration (carbon and particle) and iodizing.


The house on the island has a two stage (Sold-Liquid) Sewer Filtration system. The Liquid Stage room never fills up. The Solid Stage Room will last about 10 years before it fills up. So after 10 years you have the choise of either emptying it, or - even easier - to construct another Solid Stage room ( a hole on the ground). This is a standard Filtration System that uses Carbon Rock and Sand and it is recommended by the Ministry of Health (MINSA).  Here is a copy of the Drawing.

To save energy, our gas stove and oven use tanks of propane gas (TROPIGAS) on the island.
We have 2 small propane gas tanks on the island. It costs $10 to fill up each one of them. Tanks are small and portable and give you about a months cooking time each tank.

Electricity can be generated through gas or diesel  generators, and solar or wind generators. Gas or diesel generators are inexpensive and can be bought  in Bluefields.
Bocal island has electricity provided through a 6000W or 6Kw (10HP) gasoline generator. We also give you a spare gasoline generator of 3500W or 3.5 Kw (5 HP).
Even the smaller spare generator of 5HP is enough to run the whole island.


If you need Wind or Solar system,  TECNOSOL ( )
 or ECAMI or any other company can come to your parcel give you the quote and install it all for you.
There is always a nice breeze on the island except on south wind days, and most days are sunny.
But to be 100% sure you can put a combination of Solar-Wind Power system on the island.
A mixed Wind -Solar System of about 6000W or 6KW can run a whole house, costs about $20,000 installed to your property. That includes Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Wind turbines, Controller, Inverter. See price  quote below.

TECNOSOL uses equipment made by TEMPOWER, here is their site.
Wind Turbines at :
Webpage :

If interested in more details see info below
These are actual photos of a Wind Solar Project we just did this year 2009 together with TECNOSOL for a client.
p02-Panel-House -Drawing

p03-Panel-House Quote



We have now installed a small but complete SOLAR SYSTEM on the island.
It has panels, bateries, controller, inside and outside lights etc.

That is on top of the existing generator powered system that already exists on  the island.

110W panel



Yes, We have a 110V washer - dryer for your clothes on the island.

Cost of living in Nicaragua is quite inexpensive. Salaries are also very low.
An average daily salary is about 300 Cordobas which is about US$10 per day. Food (for example beef, fish ,vegetables) and local material for construction, furniture etc, cost less in Nicaragua due to inexpensive labor.


These days you can find in Nicaragua almost everything that you can in the USA or Miami and at approximately the same prices. Nevertheless if you decide to import merchandise, there are two marine cargo shipping companies that ship directly from Miami to El Rama port and then via the river to Bluefields.
Merchandise from Managua is also shipped to the Atlantic (Caribbean) coast through the city of Rama and then via the river to Bluefields.
69. How do you get to the mainland and back ?
We normally rent a boat to get the visitors to the island and back. Boat trip is about  1 hour 10 minutes. It is a nice trip and we stay parallel to the beach since the island is only about 300 meters from the mainland.  

70. How deep is the water around the island? Just wondering...
 It is not very deep but where the pier is, you have a 6 foot draft so you can dock a medium size boat.

. Is there a boat that is included in the island price ?
No, but a used 24 feet open fiberglass boat ( called “panga”) with a 75hp or 125 hp outboard YAHAHA motor can be purchased for about $3500-$4500

72. What is cost for getting standard Supplies while I am on the island ?
ie: Food/ Vegetables/ Drinks/ Toilet Paper, etc.

For purchases while staying on the you can sent the caretaker once a week or so to buy your supplies.
He is your employee so he just buys the supplies in the supermarket in Bluefields.
“Mas Por Menos” ( Or “More For Less”) and SNEIDER are 2 super-markets that your caretaker (or you) can buy all you need ,in 1 stop in Bluefields, without losing much time and at a good price.

The only additional cost is the gas for the boat. Your caretaker can use a smaller boat, such as a  15hp or 25 hp YAMAHA outboard. It costs about $2000 to buy the boat and the motor.

The trip to the island and back uses about 20 galons of gas, at a cost of $5 per gal, you pay about $100 a week for your “supplies” trip. 

The trip with the smaller boat takes more time but the caretaker has time and he is used to doing these trips.

73. Is Lobster, Fish and Shrimp inexpensive ? Why ?   

The area is a producer of Lobster and shrimp that is exported, mainly  to Miami. As a result, lobster, shrimp and seafood is abundant fresh and inexpensive in both Bluefields and the surrounding areas.

74. FLORA - What TREES can GROW there ? 

Any tropical fruit  or vegetable like coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple and avocado can grow in the  island. Currently the islands have royal palms that produce fresh & juicy coconuts.

75. Is it SAFE to TRAVEL & LIVE in Nicaragua ? 
Even during the civil war, which ended in 1990, the political unrest did occur at the Northwest parts of the country, in Managua and in border towns.
The area of Bluefields (where the island is) is located in the state of Zelaya which covers the eastern 1/3 of the country and has a population of only 200,000 (Country population is 4,300,000). This area (mostly jungle) due to its low strategic importance, low population and far distance from the borders, had an absence of political violence, even in the era of the Sandinistas.

76a. Security around the island
The Nicaraguan Navy also patrols around the area. That provides security and establishes the importance of the area as a favorite spot for Eco tourism or private residency in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.
Surrounding area is very scarsely populated, people know each other are very freindly and keep an eye on the area. Owner never had any theft or problems all these years.

76b. Is it possible to have firearms (rifle and pistol) on the island?

Yes the laws are just like in the US. Fastest way is to get a gun/ rifle and put it on the caretakers name so you can have it and use it immediately in your property.
He will have a loan on the gun equal or more to the gun’s value so the gun will be yours. To get a gun permit you have to be a resident.
Or you hire a caretaker that has a gun permit and a gun, so you can use it also.
Also you can you hire a security company with armed guards, but  that is more expensive and not really needed.
Most owners in the area have caretakers that are not armed, the area is still nice and safe.

No tipping is required or expected during your visit to the island.

77. INCOME  POTENTIAL - Vacation hideaway
Similar islands in the neighboring countries of Honduras Costa Rica and Belize sell for five or six times the price of this island. Accordingly, we predict that the appreciation over the next 5 years will be enormous due to the recent development progress in Nicaragua, also due to the recent improvement in the political stability.
The Island can be used as a private vacation hideaway and has good rental potential.

78. So is the ISLAND for RENT right now ?
The owner is interested in selling. A long term rent or lease will interfere with the prospective buyers that want to  stay in the island 1-2 days, so they can try the island before they buy it.
We just let prospective buyers stay 1-2 days. We do not rent the island out long term so the island will be available to buyers.

79. Resort - Renting out the island potential
Bocal Island can be easily rented out for a minimum $3000 a week the whole island, all inclusive. The island is fully equipped so you do not need anything more. The existing manager can take the people from the airport to the island and bring them back. All you need in this case is to market the island may be through the internet that is fast and inexpensive.
See,  the biggest island website on the net.
They have rentals worlwide so you can check and compare island rental prices
In Nicaragua the cost of living and operating a small business or a beach rental is low.
That leaves more profit for the island owner that wants to rent out the island when he is using it.

80. Yahoo News - Article about Nicaragua
Here is an article that ranks Nicaragua as the top place to retire (and most affordable)...enjoy it.

81. Sportfishing  potential

Snook,  Tarpon,  Jack,  Kingfish,  Spanish Mackerel,  Snapper and Barracuda and other fish are abundant around the island. Some resorts exist in the area, doing good business.

. VALUATION of the island  

Most of the Companies that develop or Construct do Valuations of properties. Here is a Valuation we got recently on the island at a customers request.
It includes Land and Improvements value.
The island was valued at a conservative $470K in year 2010.
That was broken down on $270K Land and $200K all house and improvements.
We believe that  the island values even more.


The Nicaraguan Government is very supportive of any  tourist activity in the area and gives the investor a 10 year 100% income tax exemption along with a permission to import free from taxes all goods related to your small or big tourist operation. For more info, see our page at:

       Tax Exemptions - Investments  in  tourism industry - NICARAGUA (law 306) 

The Decree No. 520 of 1960, Decree on Hotel Investments, declares of national interest any capital investment in hotel constructions or entertainment centers that promote tourism, provided that the investment is not less than 200,000 cordobas in the Departments of Carazo, Granada or Rivas, or 300,000.00 cordobas (US$ 30,000)  on the Atlantic Coast.
The following benefits and exemptions are granted to the investor:

a) Tax exemption on the capital and income tax for a term of 10 years starting on the date that the Tourism Institute certifies that the corresponding center has started its operation. Likewise, the investor is exempted from direct tax on capital during the period within the execution of the project and the date the center starts its operation.

b) Custom duties and consular fees exemption on the importation of all kinds of materials, equipment, goods, furniture, machinery, and articles exclusively assigned to the construction of the center and its annexes, and also for its maintenance.

c) Exemption of the obligation to make prior deposits for its import and authorization to make use of foreign credits.

The Municipalities tax plans for these type of investments will be adjusted to the spirit of Decree 520, in order not to levy tourist investors similar municipal taxes that are described and exonerated above.
Click below to see and download the entire law 306 translated in English

84. If I have my own plane Can I fly directly to Bluefields ?
To be authorized to fly drectly to Bluefields with your private plane  you have to send the application info at least  24 hours before arrival by E-mail  ( or Fax  011 505 2233 1765 or 011 505 2276 8588.
You need to submit  :  
1. Airplane Insurance
2. Airlplane Registration
3. Aviation operating certificate
4. Pilots Licence
          Here is the original document with the 4 requirements before it was translated

After you land on the airport you pass, inmigration, customs and police inspeccion.

The Website of the National Institite of Civil Aviation is  is

85. Can I rent a plane or helicopter in Nicaragua ?
Yes, you can rent a private plane or helicopter in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua
The planes are 1 propeler, are US made by CESNA.
The helicopters are R22 (2 seater) or R44 (4 seater), both US made by Rockwell.
R44 Helicopter. It can be rented at the  Managua Intl Airport

86. LAST MINUTE. . .DO NOT FORGET to Bring..
Pair of boots or at least close toe shoes, and a pair of Long Blue Jeans or other equivalent thick pants (trousers). This way you can walk in the back of the properties, over rocks etc.
b) Sunscreen and a cap or a hat for the sun.
c) Cash - US$ Many places in Bluefields do not process - or delay a lot - with credit cards, same situation with travelers checks.
US Dollars are accepted here along with the national currency. 1 US$ is about 30 cordobas.

87. If you have to go to CORN island..
      don't do this...
Corn island is about 100 kilometers or 60 miles from the mainland.
Corn island is not accessible by boat only by plane.
A direct trip from Corn Island to Bocal is risky, expensive and difficult to arrange.
You will be going North West from Corn Island to BOCAL, so you will be traveling on the open sea with waves pounding you for about 1.5 hours... bad idea.
The trip is expensive about $600. When there is rain or waves the trip is cumbersome  even for fishermen.
The best way, is to go to Corn Island by plane, and to leave Corn Island by plane.
      do this instead...
Ideally after you land in Managua you fly to Bluefields and we can take you to see Bocal Island, you spend one night at the island. Then we return you to Bluefields and there you take the flight from Bluefields to Corn Island.
After you see Corn Island you can take the flight from Corn Island to Managua.

You first fly to Managua from the US. Managua is reached directly from Miami and Houston or Los Angeles by "American Airlines", "Continental", "Iberia" or "Taca".
The Coastal town of Bluefields
(pop. 50,000) can be reached from Managua in 50 min with Airline "La Costena" , that has 3 or 4 flights a day. Airfare is about $63 each way.

Managua To Bluefields
6:30am, 10:00am  and 2:00pm - be there 1 hour before your flight.

Bluefields to Managua
8:30am, 11:00am  and 4:00pm - be there 1 hour before your flight.
For detailed
Schedules and Airfares, see:

Bocal Island can be easily reached from the city of Bluefields  with a speed boat within 1 hour 10 minutes.
All you have to do is fly to Managua the capital of Nicaragua. We can arrange the rest of your trip.

88b. Who Flies to Managua ?
The following airlines all fly to Managua

AMERICAN  AIRLINES  800 - 433 - 7300    From Miami - Direct
DELTA  800 - 221 - 1212  From Atlanta - Direct
UNITED 800 - 864 - 8331  From Houston - Direct
AVIANCA  800 - 359 - 3672  From Miami- Direct
COPA  800 - 359 - 3672  From Miami- Panama- Managua

Commercial flights to Nicaragua are currently operating, here is the basic information you should know to start planning your trip:
Avianca Airlines has resumed their commercial flights to Nicaragua with departures from the US cities of New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These flights will have a brief layover in San Salvador before arriving to Nicaragua. There are also direct flights to Managua from Miami.

Most importantly, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health is requiring all travelers to produce a negative PCR COVID test within 72 hours prior to entering the country. These test results must be emailed to Avianca no less than 36 hours before the flights departure. The original test results need to be presented to Avianca on your day of travel as well. ity

89. How I fly  drive from Managua to Bluelfields ?

With La Costena  - Ticket is around $125 round trip
+ 505 - 2263 - 2142 or 43 or 44
Managua  to  Bluefields  3 - 4  flights daily
2-07.  Arriving to Bluefields
with "La Costeņa
" Airlines
3950. Bluefields   Airport
"La Costeņa" plane
2-08. Bluefields town & bay

90. Can I drive from Managua to Bluefields ?
Yes there is a non paved road since 2011 so you can drive to Bluefields. It takes about 5 hours.
Well, if you like the adventure .. after you see the island you can drive back to Managua by car.
When you arrive at the International airport in Managua you can rent a car that can take you to your Hotel in Bluefields.

We can make your trip arrangements. Here are 2 scenarios and their Iteneraries.
If you arrive late (from Houston), the first night you have to sleep in Managua.
If you arrive early (from Miami or Atlanta), you can make it to Bluefields the same day, and sleep in Bluefields.
We can have someome with you during your entire trip.

SCENARIO  1  -  Arrive in Managua after 1:00 pm  -  TYPICAL ITENERARY

DAY 1 - Arrive  to Managua - 
Sleep in Managua

The last flight to Bluefields leaves at 2:00 pm, so in this case you spend the night  in Managua.

For example, the UNITED flight from Houston arrives about 8:00 pm, at night
In Managua you can make reservations at the Hotel Camino Real in Managua Nicaragua  f
It can be reached with a 5 min drive from  the airport. Thay have shuttle service too.
Website:    E-mail :
Tel (505) 2255-5888 -   Cost is $90  for 1 or 2 persons.
Can make reservations with your credit card in the website above, (normally, there is always availability)

DAY 2 - Arrive to BOCAL -  Sleep in BOCAL

Next day you need to be at the "La Costena" airport in front of your Hotel at 5:00 so you can catch  the 6:00am  flight to Bluefields.
Check in at 5:00am enter the gate, have breakfast. Flight leaves at 6:00am. 
We pick you up at the Bluefields airport at around 7:00am.
With a taxi we get you to a private pier.
There a boat is waiting for you to take you to Bocal island.
      ( Here is a photo of an example of your transportation boat )
Total boat trip time to the island is 1 hour 15 minutes.
The manager and the boat driver, are at your service.
See the island, eat lunch and dinner
Sleep at our 2 bedroom house.

DAY 3 - Stay in BOCAL -  Sleep in Bocal

You stay and see the  island.
Relax, swim, fish from  the island, enjoy.
We can take you to the beach in front of the island "Long Beach", so you can swim there, collect shells etc.
You can also hike on the trails close to the beach and then return to the island. (See
items19 and 20 above),
Breakfast lunch and dinner is provided
Spend the night at the island on our house.

DAY 4 - To BLUEFIELDS -  Sleep in Bluefields

Eat breakfast and came back to Bluefields by 8:30am.
Meet with our attorney to discuss about the property.
He can show you the title and answer any other question you have.
Last night you can stay in Bluefields on the Hotel Caribbean Dream or Hotel Oasis.
Hotel Caribbean Dream -  Tel (505) 257 20 107 - Cost is $35.
Hotel Oasis   - Tel (505) 257 20 665  or 257 22 812 - Cost is $100


Next day, or when done, we take you from your Hotel to the Bluefields airport.
Most people get the first flight at 7:00am in order to make their connection in Managua.

SCENARIO  2  -  Arrive in Managua before 1:00 pm  -  TYPICAL ITENERARY

DAY 1 - Arrive  to Managua - 
Sleep in Bluefields

If you arrive at the Managua Airport before 1:00 am you can catch the 2:00 pm, last flight with "La Costena" to Bluefields.
The AA flight from Miami arrives at 12:30 pm.
Also the DELTA flight from Atlanta arrives before 1:00 pm.
In this case you check in by 1:00 pm at "La Costena" flight,  leaves at 2:00 pm from Managua.
We pick you up at the Bluefields airport at 3:00pm.
We take you to your Hotel - Hotel  Caribbean Dream or Hotel Oasis.
Hotel Caribbean Dream -  Tel (505) 257 20 107 - Cost is $35.
Hotel Oasis   - Tel (505) 257 20 665  or 257 22 812 - Cost is $100
At night we  can take you to dinner. Reataurant  LA LOMA (THE HILL) has a panoramic view of the bay and the town.
If you like seafood, we recommend the SALMAR Restaurant.

DAY 2 - Arrive to BOCAL -  Sleep in BOCAL
Next day, we pick you up at your Hotel at around 6:30am
With a taxi we get you to a private pier.
There a boat is waiting for you to take you to Bocal island.
      ( Here is a photo of an example of your transportation boat )
Total boat trip time to the island is 1 hour 15 minutes.
The manager the boat driver are at your service.
See the island, eat lunch and dinner
Sleep at our 2 bedroom house.

DAY 3 - Stay in BOCAL -  Sleep in Bocal
You stay and see the  island.
Relax, swim, fish from  the island, enjoy.
We can take you to the beach in front of the island "Long Beach", so you can swim there, collect shells etc.
You can also hike on the trails close to the beach and then return to the island. (See items
19 and 20 above),
Breakfast lunch and dinner is provided
Spend the night at the island on our house.

DAY 4 - To BLUEFIELDS -  Sleep in Bluefields

Eat breakfast and came back to Bluefields by 8:30am.
Meet with our attorney to discuss about the property.
He can show you the title and answer any other question you have.
Last night you can stay in Bluefields on the Caribbean Dream or Hotel Oasis.

Hotel Caribbean Dream - 
Tel (505) 257 20 107 - Cost is $35.
Hotel Oasis   - Tel (505) 257 20 665  or 257 22 812 - Cost is $100


Next day, or when done, we take you from your Hotel to the Bluefields airport.
Most people get the first flight at 7:00am in order to make their connection in Managua.

92. COST to VISIT the island
We are not currently renting the island for tourism. If we did, we would have charged about $6000 all inclusive/ for the Whole island

We facilitate your visit to see the property, in case you want to purchase it, and make no profit from it.
The following cost is to pay your expenses while visiting the island.

Cost per person to see the island with an all inclusive package (rent a speed boat, gas, food, lodging, 24 hour tour guide, taxi to airport) is :
  $230 for  same day visit
  $530 for  2 days / 1 night
  $715 for  3 days / 2 nights

That money have to be prepaid to the Island Manager so we can hire the boat, buy the gas, buy your food.

Payment method: Western Union
For the nearest Western Union location, see their site :

Or can call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000 and pay with your credit card.

Western Union Wiring Instructions
Expected Payout Location : Bluefields, Nicaragua
Recipient : Nestor Sebastian Matus Matute

Hope you visit us here soon!
See cost details at

93 -  100. In case you decide to buy...

It is very easy. We can do it all here after you visit us and see the island in Bluefields, Nicaragua


1) you see the island
2) you make a verbal offer
3) owner has to accept the offer/ negotiate price
4) We see the legal work
5) Buyer and seller sign the agreement
6) Money can be wire transferred afterwards

94 - How much you charge to MAINTAIN the island for us, after we buy it ?
$3600/ year (or $300/month) caretaker and manager (Nestor)
$  400/ year  property tax.
$ 2500/ year -general maintenance, repair, painting - optional.  
$ 250/ year attorney’s fee to pay taxes
$ 750/ year our administration fees (or you can administer yourself)
 $7500 per year total to maintain everything, pay all caretakers, taxes.
To terminate a caretaker you need 1 month notice.
The last month he has to work.

95 - Can you help me to continue RENTING OUT the island ?
he island is also available for rent $300 per day with 3 days minimum stay by several booking sites.

Best way is to advertise on the internet or with sites that specialize in renting islands.such as

Most owners charge 25-50% for reservations, you get paid in your country, let us say the US.
We can get the clients from the Bluefields airport and arrange their island stay and return them to the Bluefields airport for you.
The managers and the caretakers are well capable of doing this.
Again, that is just an option in case that you are interested in continuing to operate the business. 

96 -  What about your fee to RESELL the island ?
If you want to resell the island business after you buy it, we charge 8% we do all advertising and handle the sale.

97 -  NEW CONSTRUCTION on the island
If you need new construction, we get the constructor on the island,
 so you can explain to him  what you need done, or we do it by E-mail.
We charge 5% of the project to supervise, make payments etc.
You can use photos or drawings to explain the type of construction that you need done.
Before we do payments to the contractors, we sent you photos of the materials 
that arrived on the island and photos the construction progress for your approval. 

98 - OFFER

After you come back from the island  visit if you are interested you call me or ask the 
manager Nestor to  contact us. Then we can get a price agreement


If we get an offer accepted, our manager Mr Nrestor Matus can get you to the attorney we use, Wilmore Salazar,
 who is a native English  speaker, will explain all the legal procedure to you at no cost. 

We can take you to the Land Registry in Bluefields and do a quick Title search for you and show you the original Title.

Basically the seller or his legal representative and you sign the “promise of sale” 
(or Option) contract in Nicaragua .
 If the seller is not present, he has already given a power of attorney, so his legal representative can sign for him.
This Promise of sale is basically a Free Option contract, which states that the island is yours for week. 
At this point the seller cannot change his mind or raise price, he has already given you the island.
You just have to make (wire) the payment.
 If you wire the money, the contract is complete and the island is  yours.
 If you do not send the money, in 1 week let's say, as indicated on the contract, 
the option contract expires and you do not owe anything.  


While in Nicaragua you can also sign and leave with the attorney a limited power of attorney
 just for the purpose of doing the name change of the property, 
from the previous owner to the new owner that is you.
This way you do not have to travel to Nicaragua again, just to sign this document.

So, after the payment is done, the attorney goes to the land registry, and registers the island to your name. 

When you sign the option agreement, you immediately get  the physical possession of the island. 
Leave us your physical address and we DHL or UPS to you the original title
in your name in your US address. The attorney will only keep a copy.
If you lose the original TITLE (deed) that is in your name, the attorney can go to the registry and get you  a new certified Title.
If you are not In Nicaragua we can continue managing the island for you, (paying the caretaker etc) till  you notify us.

In case you decide on the owner  financing option;
For the remaining balance of 50% you continue making payments
to the bank account of the owner or to whoever he assigns.
We can use an American or a Panamanian bank account, whatever you decide,
and it will be stated on the option agreement.

Hope you visit us soon, and fulfill you dream of owning a Tropical Caribbean Island!

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